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Post  DesertEa on Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:04 pm

Country :England, London
What : I use an Editing Program called Adobe Photoshop cs5. And i will soon be doing intro's as i have just gotten Cinema 4d
What got you into editing? : I got into editing when i saw all the cool effect's than can be add to a design, e.g. Flare's, Colour adjustment's ect.
Why would you like to join our team? :I would like to join the team because i think im a loyal person who love's doing what i do ( Graphic's ) which potentially could help out the team.


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Re: Application

Post  Rey on Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:19 pm

That is what I like to hear, normally if you wouldn't have shown none of your work we would give out a tryout, but since you have many tutorials and I see your CS5 skills; then there is no need for the tryout.

I welcome you to the Promises Community, and you are now an official Promises Productions members. Welcome and don't forget to download and use our introductions in each of your new videos starting now Smile

Off topic : I see that your giving away systems l0l, I was just asking do you have yourself? If so then you should add me and we can then play together. My gamer tag is PcM Link.


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